The Current Middle Ages

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The Society for Creative Anachronism is a non-profit educational society dedicated to researching and re-creating the lives and artifacts of the middle ages. Through events such as taverns, wars, feasts, and tournaments, SCA members become part of the Current Middle Ages.

The SCA has thousands of members all over the world - Japan, Australia, Europe, and North America. The area of the world where SCA chapters exist is called the Knowne World and is divided in to Kingdoms, Principalities, and Baronies, all of which are ruled by royalty.

You are in the Kingdom of Avacal, Barony of Myrgan Wood. The Kingdom of Avacal is comprised of Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of British Columbia. The Barony of Myrgan Wood is comprised of Saskatchewan communities north of the South Saskatchewan River including Saskatoon, Humboldt, Prince Albert, Meadow Lake, North Battleford, Rosetown, and various other communities.

Chivalry & Etiquette

The SCA upholds the ideals of chivalry and fealty established in the Middle Ages. All SCA members are considered to be nobility and are expected to behave as such: with honour, loyalty, courtesy and generosity.

The Arts & Sciences

All of the skills used to recreate the artifacts of the Middle Ages can be grouped under Arts & Sciences. SCA members have recreated everything from textiles and clothing to armour and weapons. Calligraphy, heraldry, music, dance, and leatherwork are all examples of pursuits available to members. They research and learn skills independently and from each other in class settings and informal groups.
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Armoured combat, rapier and archery are the three forms of combat in the SCA. All combat is regulated for safety and fair play. Armoured combatants participate in wars and tournaments. The sword and shield are most commonly used but many other weapons are constructed and experimented with.

Rapier fighters recreate late 16th century fencing techniques. Unsharpened steel blades are the weapons used in this forum. Archers participate in target archery. and also use blunted arrows and bows with limited poundage in war-like combat.
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Notable People in Myrgan Wood

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  • Baron and Baroness

    Their Excellencies
    Raoul Delaroche (He/Him) and
    Roxanne Delaroche (She/Her)

    The Baron and Baroness are appointed by the Crown (upon consultation with the populace) to act as the Royal Presence within the Barony. They also represent the Barony to the Crown and at meetings of the Noble Estate. They have the prerogative to establish and make awards specific to the Barony to acknowledge skill, service and other merits.
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The officers are responsible for..

  • Seneschal

    Boiarynia Dezzrianne Draganova doch' (She/Her)

    The Seneschal is in charge of the day-to-day business of keeping the barony going. They are the legal representative of the Barony

  • Exchequer

    Lady Catherine Dancort (She/Her)

    The Exchequer is in charge of the moneys raised by the group. This can be money people pay to attend events or money donated to the barony. They are responsible for paying money out to cover the legitimate expenses of the group (such as paying for and event site).

  • Herald

    Warden Alric the Indecisive (He/Him)

    The Herald announces things at court, introduces fights on the field, and helps members develop a name and device. In the SCA, we use names that could have existed in Medieval or Renaissance times and create devices that can be used to identify us by picture, much like a coat of arms.

  • Chronicler

    Lady Siobhan Tadghan (She/Her)

    The Chronicler is responsible for the publications of the group. The Barony of Myrgan Wood issues a newsletter called "The Elm's Leaf" periodically. It can be found here.

  • Web Minister

    Lord Conan of Myrgan Wood (He/Him)

    The Web Minister is responsible for updating and taking care of the website for the Barony, including news, event updates, and other useful content.

  • Knight Marshal (formerly Armoured Marshal)

    Lady Thorgunn (She/Her)

    The Knight Marshal organizes practices for our armoured combattants.

  • Rapier Deputy (formerly Master of Swords)

    Lord Ansel Derris (He/Him)

    The Rapier Deputy organizes practices for rapier.

  • Missile Deputy

    Warden Houjou Ayame (She/Her)

    The Missile Deputy organizes practices for missile combatants (i.e archery and thrown weapons).

  • Chatelain

    Lord Wilum the Bear (He/Him)

    The Chatelain is the person who helps newcomers. If you are interested in joining the SCA, or just visiting an event because the pavilions caught your eye as you drove past, this is the person who will answer your questions. And if they can't, they'll help you find someone who can. They also are the ones to contact if you would like our group to put on a demonstration for your school or event.

  • Gold Key

    Lord Wilum the Bear (He/Him)

    Gold Key is the person to contact if you need to borrow garb (costume) for an event.

  • Minister of Arts and Science

    Lord Hoshikawa Takakage (He/Him)

    Arts and Sciences are just what they sound like. The line between what is an "art" and what is a "science" is often blurred, hence one person organizes workshops in both areas, and helps people find others to help them in specific areas of interest.


The Baronial Champions are selected by tournaments held annually. The Champions attend Their Excellencies at court and are responsible for organizing the tournaments to choose their successors.

  • Champion of Sword

    Sir Korsak Guntherson (He/Him)

    The title of Champion of Sword is awarded to the winner of the armoured combat tournament held each October at our Anniversary Event.

  • Champion of Missile Combat

    Lord Conan of Myrgan Wood (He/Him)

    The title of Champion of Missile Combat is awarded to the winner of the missile weapons tournament held each October at our Anniversary Event.

  • Champion of Rapier

    Sir Gunther Rorikson (He/Him)

    The title of Rapier Champion is awarded to the winner of the rapier combat tournament held each April at our Spring Champions event.

  • Champion of Arts and Sciences

    Lady Susan of Myrgan Wood (She/Her)

    The title of Champion of Arts and Sciences is awarded to the winner of the A&S tournament held each May at our Spring Champions event.

  • Champion of Bardic

    Lordship Hamish MacCarraig (He/Him)

    The title of Champion of Bardic is awarded to the winner of the Bardic championship tournament held each March at the Skald the Hall event.

  • Champion of Youth

    Inga Svavasdottir (She/Her)

    The title of Champion of Youth is awarded to the winner of the Youth championship tournament held each March at the Skald the Hall event.