Skald the Hall, March 6th, 2021

Hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

As we grow weary of the cold and isolation, the Barony of Myrgan Wood seeks some solace in a little fun and revelry at Skald the Hall on March 6. This is a perfectly relaxed virtual gathering.

Check in on the activities happening in the Baronial Facebook group (,
visit a merchant’s booth, play a game or scavenge a photo.
Turn on your Zoom (link to come) and join a class or discussion and play Pictionary.
Finally, join in the beloved Bard Off (on zoom) followed by socializing until we tire.

Event Starts: March 6th, 2021
Event closes: TBD
Location: Online Event - Barony of Myrgan Wood, Saskatoon SK
There is no fee for this event

Activity List

As we grow weary of the cold and isolation, the Barony of Myrgan Wood seeks some solace in a little fun and revelry at Skald the Hall on March 6 in a perfectly relaxed virtual gathering.

The plan is that we will use the Baronial Facebook group ( Located here ) and the Kingdom zoom account (links to come) as tools to connect us through various activities. Please join/connect when/where/how you have the time and capacity to do so in whichever activity appeals to you.

Bard Off is on! This our third attempt at this unique tournament. Everyone is invited to entertain as a bard with whatever skills you bring in whatever style appeals to you. Bards will be randomly selected to square off to perform one after the other and then the bards determine who is slain (traditional prize for the best death!) and who advances to the next round. You may perform ‘live’ on zoom or share a recorded performance if that works better for you. The rest of us are the real winners because we get to be entertained - on zoom at 7pm

Photo Scavenger Hunt: starting at 10:30 and at every 30 minute interval a photo album will be created on the Myrg fb group with a designated theme. Find or take a photo to contribute and add it to the album.

Catherine's Classy Medieval Trivial Game:
Try your luck with questions from the Medieval Times card game questions by Professor Noggins. Questions will be posted to the Myrg fb group throughout the day.

Play a game of any type with someone (in your house or on line) post a photo to the FB group (if we need a prize - it’ll be one point for each photo posted)
— remember the card game created by Haskul & Susan for Anniversary?
Card Game Rules and Cards
— lots of period (and more) game ideas and instructions from Arwyn
— join in Pictionary on zoom at 4pm

A Minecraft server is available if you would like to go and play. You will need your own copy of Minecraft Java. Go to multiplayer in Minecraft and use: for the server address. Questions can be sent to Taka (Andy Unruh)

Classes and discussions on Zoom (see schedule below):
Queen’s Tea & Largess Discussion
Sultana A’isha will team up with the Barony’s A&S Champion, HL Susan of MW to host a general social and discussion about ideas for those who like to make largess.

Social Media Savvy
A discussion led by HL Eira Halladottir, MW Social Media Officer, about strategies and ideas that have been implemented for the barony.

Class (title TBD)
Instructor: Duchess Inga in hraustliga please message her directly if you have a suggested topic. There are so. many. possibilities!!

Korsak’s Knightly Fighters Chat
Sir Korsak has invited an array of knights willing to talk stick with anyone who would like to show up. From experience, these discussions are useful and interesting for all fighting endeavours.

Lunch & Learn Heraldry with Alric:
Interested in discussing a new badge, selecting a name, ask what the heck the difference is between pall, pale & pile? Come to this to find out!

Merchants are welcome. Message Roxanne Delaroche to make arrangements


10:00 Sign in at gate / post a text or video hello on the FB page as you ‘arrive’ regardless of when that is - but we won’t be there until 10 😉
10:30 Photo Scavenger Hunt begins: details posted every 30 minutes
Games on your own (post a photo to fb)
Trivia Questions ongoing on FB
Minecraft ongoing

Zoom call schedule (links to be posted Friday)
11:00 Social Media Savvy with Eira
12:00 Lunch & Learn Heraldry with Alric
1:00 Class by Inga
2:00 Queen’s Tea & Largess discussion with Susan
3:00 Korsak’s Knightly Fighters Chat
4:00 Arwyn’s Pictionary Game
7:00 Bard Off

Bard Off


Bring your pieces and prepare to duke it out.... on the performance stage. Two contestants will enter, then one will present their 1-2 minute performance, once they are done the second will immediately begin. When they are finished one of the bards shall die spectacularly and the other will advance to the next round of the single elimination competition. If neither or both fall, the two will have up to 3 minutes to discuss in a breakout room. If the bards cannot resolve who won at the end of 2 minutes, it is a tie and a double death.

Please limit the length of your pieces to a minute or two. You can continue to use the same performance over again, or have a different piece for each bout. It's your decision. Please remember it's about being entertaining and having fun. Ham it up if you wish, pretend you are fighting, or be super professional looking it's all here for your enjoyment.

Everyone is welcome, and if you would like to enter, please contact HE Roxanne via FB messenger or, so there is a general idea of numbers. But people will be allowed to enter the day of.

Prizes will be given for the winner, and best death!


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